Taco Joints of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Some of our favourite Taco Joints in the Cabo San Lucas, Mexico area.
If you are vacationing or living in Cabo, you should check out these awesome Taco joints.  
Let us know if you have a special Taco joint you would like us to feature here.

Asi & Asado

Asi & Asado is one of our favourite taco joints in Cabo San Lucas.  Even Guy Fieri did a Diners and Dives episode from this location.  Every taco we have had at this place has been incredibly tasty and at a reasonable price.  If you are a tacoholic, check this place out when you are in Cabo.

Asi & Asado website

La Lupita

Located in the Medano beach area, La Lupita is a Taco connoisseurs ultimate dream.  The cheese crust pastor tacos are the tastiest we have ever had… the taco shell is made of cheese, yum.
And don’t forget Taco Tuesday, 2 for 1 tacos.

La Lupita website

Taqueria El Paisa

Several locations around Cabo San Lucas but the main one is on the main street just down from Squid Roe. Great tacos, fast service, and reasonable prices. 
Give them a try, you will be taco happy.

Tacos Guss

If you have been to Cabo San Lucas and not been to Tacos Guss there is a problem. Get over there right now and chow down.  Great tacos at an affordable price.  Loaded toppings trays and quick service always.

Tacos Guss website

Taqueria El Gran Pastor

Get in line for some of Cabo San Lucas’s best street meat taco joints. These guys serve up some fantastic tacos and they are open late for those after bar munchies.

La Taquiza

La Taquiza has two locations in Cabo San Lucas, one in central Cabo and one across from Costco. You can’t miss either place with its bright pink decor.  Great tacos at a reasonable price. The fish tacos here are delicious.

La Taquiza website

Tacos Gardenias

Tacos, tacos, and more. Tacos Gardenias has some of the best seafood tacos in Cabo San Lucas. Just down from Medano Beach this place will satisfy all taco lovers.

Tacos Gardenias website

Taco Loco

If you are crazy for tacos this is your kinda place.  Taco Loco serves up some of the finest.  We had the fish tacos here and were pleasantly surprised at how good they tasted.

Taco Loco website