Adventures in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This is a list of some of our favourite adventures in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
If you are vacationing or living in Cabo, you should give these places a try.  
Let us know if you have a special Cabo adventure you would like us to feature here.

The Marina

The world famous Cabo San Lucas Marina where you can spend a day exploring the stores and restaurants along the boardwalk.
Keep your eyes on the water to catch a glimpse of “Poncho” the seal or “Pete” the pelican.  And get your camera ready for some great pics of Land’s End.
Please be polite to the vendors, a pleasant “no gracias” works great if you are not interested.

Blue Moon Yacht

Blue Moon yacht in Cabo San Lucas is one of our favorite to get out on the seas.  The owners John and Teresa are wonderful and very hospitable.  The whole crew on this yacht are professional and attentive. If you are looking for an awesome time out on the waters of Cabo San Lucas look no further, go with Blue Moon.

Blue Moon Cabo website 

Art & Beer

DAYTRIP…. on your daytrip to Todo Santos or La Paz make a stop at Art & Beer on Hwy 19 just on the outskirts of Cerritos Beach.  Have owner Alfredo mix you up a nice drink and a snack.  Very eclectic location filled with art pieces and lots of local history. Make sure you get your picture with Alfredo, super nice person. 

Whale Watching

Lots of people love coming to Cabo just for the Whale Watching season, which is from November to April. Lots of tour companies offer tours to see the humpback whales when they make their appearance.  The whales can also be seen right off the shore of your favorite beach in the Cabo area. 


ATV’s are available at several different sites around the Cabo San Lucas area.  Enjoy a fun drive through the desert, mountains, canyons and beaches of the Cabo area. There are many companies offering ATV adventures, see list at the bottom of this page.

Horseback Riding

If horseback riding is your thing you will find lots of great places to ride on the beaches, desert trails and mountains. You will find this activity on the Sea of Cortez as well as the Pacific side of Los Cabos.  


There are some great hiking areas in the Cabo San Lucas area. Some of the hikes are harder than others. Cerra de Z, Mount Solmar, Cerro de la Cruz, Antenna Hill and more.  Cerra de Z is a great hike and once at the top, where the Meteorology sphere is located, you can view Lands End, the city of Cabo San Lucas, the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez.
Check out the Mt Solmar hike with the dogs.

Lands End

Lands End can not be accessed by foot. There are lots of boats at the marina that will take you out to have a look at this Cabo San Lucas attraction. A boat trip around Lands End is breathtaking. The rock formations are a lot bigger than they look from Medano Beach.
Sunset cruises are a great way to experience the Arch and surrounding areas.