Beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Some of our favourite Beaches / Playas in the Cabo San Lucas, Mexico area.
If you are vacationing or living in Cabo, you should check out these wonderful beaches.  
Let us know if you have a special Cabo beach you would like us to feature here.

Playa Los Viudas

Located by the Twin Dolphins resort, Playa Los Viudas is a hidden gem.  During the week the beach is not too busy. Viudas is a small beach in comparison to others but it makes up for it in beauty.  The beach is tucked in between two amazing homes.
On Sunday mornings at 10am stop by for Beach Church.
Government run beach with washrooms and parking.

Playa Santa Maria

Santa Maria is one of the most beautiful beaches along the corridor. It is a naturally formed bay with large rock formations at each side.  Lots of boat tours stop here for snorkelling and swimming.   Be prepared for a bit of a hike from the parking lot to the beach area, but it is worth the walk.

Government run beach with washrooms and parking.

Playa El Tule

This beach is at the end of a long arroyo about 10 minutes out of Cabo.  You can drive right up to the beach (if you have a 4×4) and enjoy the view from dusk to dawn.  Not the greatest for swimming as it is very rocky but the surfers can catch some great waves at times.   This is also a great beach for bonfires at night.

Dog friendly

Playa Chileno

The water at Chileno is usually calmer than other beaches along the shore of the Sea of Cortes which makes it a great beach for swimming and snorkelling. There are some reefs just off the shore with lots of sea life to view.

Government run beach with washrooms and parking.

Playa del Amor

Lovers Beach and Divorce Beach are only accessible by boat.  There are lots of pangas you can pay $15US and they will take you out to the beach, drop you off and come pick you up later.  Once dropped off at Lovers Beach you can walk over to Divorce Beach which is not swimmable.
Pack your drinks and eats when you visit this amazing Lands End beach.

Playa Empacadora

Playa Empacadora is better known as Cannery Beach. Located at the mouth of the Cabo San Lucas marina at Lands End.  The backdrop for the beach is the beautiful cliffs of Lands End. This is a great beach for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving.

If you get thirsty or hungry you are only a short walk from restaurants and bars.

Playa Palmilla

Another great beach for swimming and snorkelling with calm waters. Get there early as this beach fills up with visitors seeking water fun and sun.  Keep your eyes open as you might catch a glimpse of someone famous that lives nearby in the Palmilla residential area.

Government run beach with washrooms and parking.

Playa Medano

There is always lots to do on Medano beach.  If you are in the mood for jet skis, parasailing, paddle boarding, and more, this is the spot for you. You will also get a full view of Lands End… unless there are cruise ships in the bay.  There are lots of bars and restaurants within feet of this landmark beach in Cabo.

Lots of vendors on this beach.

Playa Cerritos

Down the Pacific side about 40 minutes from Cabo is Cerritos Beach. A hot spot for surfers and boogie boarders alike. This beach goes on for miles and you can walk out into the water quite a ways before it is over your head. Make a day of it and make sure you hit Shaka’s for lunch or dinner.

Dog friendly and vendors on this beach.

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Playa Balandra

They say Balandra is one of the top 10 beaches in the world.  The beautiful white sand stretches for miles and the calm water is shallow and great for families with kids. This beach is a paddle boarders dream and is great for snorkelling.

It is about 2 hours from Cabo but well worth the drive.

This beach has two times a day you can go. 8am -12noon and 1pm to 5pm.  Get in line early for entrance.

Playa El Tecolote

This beach is located just outside of La Paz about 2 hours from Cabo.  There are several restaurants and bars to visit after your day of windsurfing, surfing, snorkelling, sailing and water skiing. 
From the shore of El Tecolote you can view Espiritu Santo Island.

This beach is just past Playa Balandra.

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