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A view into our little slice of heaven on earth located in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  On this site you will find links to our favorite places in and around Cabo.  Some great restaurants, sights to see, nightlife, adventures and more.

A great place to start….

Some spanish words to learn

hello – hola
yes – si
of course – claro
no – no
love – amor
good morning – buenas dias
good afternoon – buenas tardes
good evening/night – buenas noches
restaurant bill/check – la cuenta
how are you? – como estas?
how’s it going? – como te va?
I don’t understand – no entiendo
pardon me – disculpa
where is the bathroom? – donde esta el bano?
how much does this cost – cuanto cuesta esto?
what time is it? – que hora es?
please – por favor
thank you – gracias
you’re welcome – de nada
goodbye – adios
see you later – hasta luego

family – familia
friend – amigo
hot – caliente
cold – fria
sun – sol
moon – luna
wind – viento
rain – lluvia
you can – tu puedes
you could – tu podrias
you will be able to – tu podras
can you? – tu puedes?
could you? – tu podrias?
will you be able to? – tu podras?
yes, I can – si, yo puedo
yes, I could – si, yo podria
yes, I will be able to – si, yo podre
no, I can not – no, no puedo
no, I could not – no, no podia
no, I will not be able to – no, no podre



around cabo


Cabo Wabo Cantina
Baja Shark Adventure
Salvator G's Italian Restaurant
The Office on the Beach


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Cabo San Lucas, MX
10:24 pm, March 19, 2023
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Sunset: 6:30 pm

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